Friday, March 27, 2015

Flashback Friday

I think I've shared a room with every one of my sisters and even my niece once. And actually that wasn't even a real room, it was a portion of the basement blocked off by a curtain. I have to say my best roommate growing up was my sister Bethany. We were equally messy so she was never pestering me to clean my crap up, and I assumed she had great taste so never questioned her decorating ideas. 

First there was tha Hawaiian era. We found cool hula print bedspreads that clashed perfectly with Bethany's air chair and lava lamp. Even though we had a bunk bed, she made my dad build her a little loft bed (big shelf) in the closet. Then she hung hula skirts over the door entrance for a little privacy. I think we burned inscense a lot at this time too, so it always smelled like a Bhuddist temple. 

A year or so later, she got a really good idea for a new room theme: fairies. She painted elaborate green vines up the bright blue walls then drew beautiful fairies on computer paper, cut them out, and modpodged them to the vines. We kept the Hawaiian bedding, because I don't think my mom was on board. 

Funny thing is, we rarely slept in our room. We had the basement to ourselves so we usually ended up on the couches, fan on full blast so it looked like it might fly off, falling asleep to reruns of Fresh Prince or a playlist she had made called "Soft Sounds". I still can't hear "November Rain" or "Strawberry Wine" without feeling ridiculously nastolgic. 

What else was on that playlist dang it?! 

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