Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Some things about baby Harvey (6 weeks):
-still a great sleeper, thank heavens! 

-he was pretty fussy at first, and we found out it's because his insides were injured because of an intolerance to something I was eating. Now that I've cut out all potential culprits (everything good in the world--dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, red meat) he is so chill! Once his poop is looking normal, I can start adding stuff back to my diet and hopefully not have to eat bunny food for the next year. 

-despite his digestive issues, he loves eating and is a giant! I was used to the twins growing soo slowly. He is getting big way too fast. I do love not having to worry about if he's getting enough to eat. 

-coos back when we talk/coo to him

-is very loved by his siblings. They all love holding him and getting things for him. They put on high pitched voices to talk to him and rush to help him when he's upset. I'm enjoying it while it lasts because I'm sure he'll be joining the fighting in a few months here. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twins Are Two

Magnolia's observing/resting face is a scowl

but she's also very enthusiastic

My little tiny babies are TWO. I kept thinking they were my tiny babies until I brought a newborn home and realized they had grown up. These girls are a handful and very much two-year-olds but also a lot of fun. Watching them interact with each other and with Clark is the best. Sometimes it involves bite marks and handfuls of hair, but sometimes it's laughing and creative play and cute conversations.

As I've watched them develop into two completely different people, it's crazy to me that people still think they look the same/have a hard time telling them apart. My family (lovingly) refers to Magnolia as Mag"mole"ia because the little mole on her forehead is how they distinguish her from Wendy. Hope that one doesn't stick into her school years...

I tried to do birthday interviews with them, but Wendy would not cooperate, and Magnolia doesn't speak very clearly. At least it paints an accurate picture of them at this age. I'm pretty good at talking people into things, but not Wendy. When girl has her mind set on doing things a certain way--and she almost always does--there is no changing her mind. Magnolia is a bit more accommodating, but gets really upset about things like someone not holding her hand while we walk up/down the stairs or her blanket not having the flower side up when we put her to bed. They both love singing and think it's funny to put peoples' names into songs ("Twinkle, twinkle little MOM....nooooo!") There's a lot of other cute things I could write about them, but it would take way too long.



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

We Had a Baby

Meet Harvey Glen Ellsworth! Born September 6 at 3:00ish PM. 8lbs 7 oz, 21 in.

I decided to go "natural" for this one and have him without an epidural. Natural childbirth has always intrigued me and felt like this great mystery people always talk about, and I wanted to know what all the fuss was about (I mean, really, the most painful thing ever?). I felt like it was something I should experience at least once and also like it would be a kind of cool and empowering or something. So I made up my mind and did some research and tried to prepare myself for that.

But the baby didn't want to come out. I was getting so antsy, and 5 days after his due date, he or she was STILL in there (and I was dying to know if it was a he or she). On Saturday night I was having pretty consistent Braxton Hicks so I started timing them. I was really paranoid about being in labor and not realizing it, because that kind of happened with the twins. I was also worried labor would happen so fast that we wouldn't get to the hospital in time. HA! So when my "contractions" were about 7 min. apart, I called my mom to come over so we could leave all the kids in bed. By the time she got there, I knew I wasn't really in labor, but I figured we should just go to the hospital because I was way overdue and at least 4cm--how could they turn me away?!

After spending an hour in triage, they could see my "contractions" were totally lame, but also that I was 5cm, so they asked if I wanted to walk around for an hour to try to get labor to pick up. So we did laps around the floor for an hour. When I went back to triage I was at 6cm. So maybe I was kind of in labor (but not really having contractions). I was admitted and told to keep being active since that was the only time I could feel anything. At this point it was midnight and I was exhausted, but I spent hours pacing and bouncing on a yoga ball. Nothing! As my sweet British midwife put it "Since you had twins last time, your body's probably just wondering what the hell's going on." I was so frustrated and discouraged and beating myself up for going in before I was really in labor. I tried to sleep a little, but was feeling too upset and anxious to get much rest.

At 5 AM one of my midwives (there were two there for some reason) said I should walk for an hour again to see if anything changed. Still nothing. So finally around 7:30, they put an iv in, which I was hoping to avoid, and started Pitocin. Soon I started having strong, consistent contractions. I was so happy! But after several hours of that, I still wasn't making much progress. So they broke my water around 12:30--I really wish they would have done that when I first came in. Contractions on Pitocin after your water breaks are NOT comfortable. I was able to play it cool for a while and stay up out of bed, but then I started feeling like I was going to pass out so I whined for the midwives to come help me. They were awesome! They were so calm and encouraging and made me get in the shower on a yoga ball which did not sound helpful at all, but totally was.

After a couple hours of real labor, I was done! The whole time I was thinking "this is so stupid. Why would anyone do this?!" I hadn't slept in days and there was hardly any relief between contractions and I was worried it could be hours more. I just started bawling and saying "I don't want to do it anymore, just get me drugs!" Jacob said, "No, I'm not saying anything, you'll be mad at me later". I begged him again to go get someone, but he wouldn't so I pulled the bathroom "Emergency" cord (I was still in the shower). My nurse and midwives came rushing in thinking the baby was coming out. Instead they found me crying, saying "I'm so tired. I can't do it anymore". They assured me that meant it was almost over. I remembered my friend saying the same thing: when you think you can't do it anymore, you're almost done!

So they brought me back to the bed and raised the head of it for me to kneel at. After a few more contractions, I knew it was time to push which was a crazy feeling. After a couple pushes (and me saying "Get it out! Get it out!" in between, because that really didn't feel good), he was out! And he was a he, and everything was great. Except they had me hold him for two hours before they washed him off or anything which I thought was a little too long. One of the midwives kept saying "That was the most peaceful birth ever" which I thought was funny because I felt like a dramatic wreck. Recovery was a breeze, and for some crazy reason I'm already thinking "I'd do it again" even though during most of the process I was thinking "Never again!"

So far Harvey likes to be eating all day long, but sleeps well at night *knock on wood*. His siblings were all over him at first, but pretty much let him be now. When he's upset, Clark talks to him really sweetly "It's ok. It will be alright" and the girls echo him and they all sing him lullabies and it's just way too cute.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


A couple weeks ago, we went up to Utah to see friends and family. We left on Tuesday afternoon hoping the kids would sleep from bedtime on. They did sleep eventually... We spent a few days in Provo visiting everyone. Then on Friday evening we went to Fillmore for the guys' 10 year reunion. One of Jacob's best friends was in charge of it for some reason so really it was just a dinner Saturday night and we spent the rest of our time hanging out and letting our kids play together. His other friend's brother owns a really old motel that's been renovated and our group of friends got the whole thing to ourselves. It was a dream come true! We all put our kids to bed and then stayed up all night playing games and chatting. 

Something came up about their 20 year reunion and I said something about "I wonder if you guys will still be this immature at your 20 year", and Jacob said "Immature? How are we immature?" and then 20 minutes later they all said "Let's go horning*!" And they did. 

Totally out of order pictures!  

He kept begging me to let him put his sweater on so I finally relented when it got below 80. It's not something we get to do often, so he's very passionate about it. 

Playing with Arlo, our friends' cute kid (who is going to marry Magnolia someday)

Grandma Mead's yard alone makes me want to move back to Utah

Sunday, August 2, 2015

4th of July

We went up to the cabin for the Fourth. It was so nice to get out of the heat and the kids loved being able to play outside all day. Clark also loved playing with Viv, his only cousin on this side of the family. I was amazed at how great they play together since she's almost 5 years older than him.

On the actual holiday we went to a parade which they loved because, as Clark pointed out, it was "just like trick-or-treating!" Then there was a festival thing at the park with food trucks and such. We ate and left because it wasn't too exciting and the kids were exhausted. It rained and hailed so hard that afternoon/evening which was really cool but meant no fireworks :( 

Rocky Point

We took our annual trip to the beach house in Mexico and only got halfway there before remembering that we forgot our passports and birth certificates. I couldn't believe we spaced it! Well, I can believe I did but Jacob is usually way more "with it" than I am. But we were rushing to get out the door!

Marcia stayed with me and the kids at McDonalds where we tried to keep them entertained for 3 hours (NO play place!) while Jacob and Heather went back for the passports. There was literally nowhere else to go in the tiny town we were waiting in. 

The rest of the trip was a nice vacation though! All 3 kids were big enough to enjoy the beach and not eat sand! Ok, I guess clark could only enjoy it with goggles on because he kept getting salt/sand/sunscreen in his eyes and freaaaking out.

Dad and Wendy



Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Magnolia and Wendy are somewhere between 18 months and 2. This is a pretty fun age except in sacrament meeting or anywhere else they need to sit still and be quiet. 

Loves her mama! We don't have major issues leaving her places but she's almost always sad to see me go 

Would probably play independently and be happy for hours if her siblings didn't get in her way

Eats anything and lots of it. 

A little more cautious than Wendy but not quite as much as Clark was at this age

Spits when she's angry

Has perfected her "duck lips" to let you know when she's not happy with you. 

Starting to speak in sentences (that are unintelligible to most)

Likes to fake cry and say "daaaaadddy" real dramatically and then "just kidding!" and fake laugh. 

Pretty fearless

Says "good job, Mom!" every time she sees me use the bathroom (there's no privacy in this house) 

Love sleeping in the nude! This would be fine if they were potty trained, but it's definitely not fine! I have to put them in onesies every nap and bedtime so they can't strip down.

Obsessed with babies and stuffed animals and dressing them.

Say "sis!" every time they see themselves in a mirror or a picture. Also get their own names mixed up still. 

Think it's really cool to wear Clark's clothes. 

Can throw a major tantrum. And I usually have no idea why 

Still won't watch tv or play iPad. Clark was a pro at both by this age. The one show they will watch for maybe 15 min is "Mother Goode Club" because it's all music and they love singing along. They will also watch some movies when we do movie nights (aka have a bucket of popcorn in their laps) 

Duck face in Clark's shirt

Tiny ponytail! 


Friday, May 8, 2015

The Mumu Society

One time a couple of my best friends and I decided we needed to start a book club so that we'd be forced to hang out at least once a month. We spread the word and managed to get a few of my sisters to join. And then even a friend or two. After a couple months we had established the tradition of having a theme (based on the book we read) for each meeting and of wearing mumus. Yes even out in public. It's the highlight of my month, socializing and eating good food and even discussing books. 

Next time I'll try to get a picture of the whole group 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Not-So-Fun Weekend

Last weekend, Jacob and clark were supposed to go to the Fathers and Sons camp out, but on Friday morning Clark woke up with pink eye. For the next 5 days he also had a high fever, nasty cough, chills, body aches, and kept breaking out in hives. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him. 

He usually can't sleep anywhere but in his bed. 

I did get to go to go shopping without kids and to my families Cinco de Mayo party and watch Three Amigos  outside until it started raining. 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun Weekend

Last Friday I took Clark and Crew to their field trip at "the ice cream factory" (the kitchen of a small ice cream shop). I thought it was pretty awkward because there were all these other parents there I didn't know, but the boys sure had fun. And we got a scoop of icecream. 

Also Clark met a child named THOMAS and it blew his mind. 

That night I had a RS "girls' night in" activity that was pretty fun because there were a lot of baked goods..oh and cool people. 

On Saturday we went to the zoo with some of my family because the weather was pretty nice. My kids were not quite as excited about it as I wanted them to be. Well I guess Clark was but the girls were kept strapped in a stroller most of the time, so maybe that's why. They all loved petting the poor, abused goats though