Tuesday, March 31, 2015

18 Months

A couple weeks ago the girls reached 18 months, which I've been counting down to for the last 6 months because they got to start nursery! Our attendance for all three hours of church has been pretty sad lately, because toddlers do not believe in sitting through three hours of church. But for the first time in three years, FREEDOM for those last couple hours.

Fun stuff about the girls right now:

-Both about 32" tall and both exactly 19 lbs, 13 oz. I promise they eat. They're actually still really good eaters and will eat almost anything. They get really mad if I try to get them out of their highchairs before they're completely full.

-They are definitely girls. I didn't think it would be that different this young, but they are way more interested in what clothes they're wearing, putting shoes on, getting their hair fixed (I sit them on my counter and they will sit there so happily while I yank and pull on their hair...with an occasional "ouch"). They also sat very still and let me paint their toenails one time.

-They are kind of hoarders. This might be a normal twin/younger sibling thing, but I think it's pretty funny. They both love holding things just for the sake of holding them. They'll say they're done eating, but right as I'm pulling them out of highchairs, they'll hurry and grab one more handful of food. They do that when they're going down the stairs from the playroom, too--grab a few toys to bring down.

-They love to dance, and will dance to any sound that is anything like music.

-They still get their own names mixed up (so you can't blame Jacob for doing the same).

She is the boss. She has a mischievous twinkle in her eye and is usually the one plotting. She just has to give Wendy a look, and she'll follow along.  She knows exactly what she wants. The other night Jacob pulled out two pairs of PJs, knowing she wanted one set in particular. He handed her the one she didn't want and she grabbed it, handed it to Wendy, and quickly grabbed the others for herself. She will fight really hard to get her way or to get the toy she wants from someone. She is such a bully to Wendy (and Clark) sometimes, but when I say "go to time out", she stops immediately and walks to the corner. It's not even a punishment as much as a way to get her to walk away form the situation. If only that would last. I know she can say a lot (she will when she has to), but she chooses not to. She's actually pretty smart to make Wendy and Clark do all the talking for her. She is a mama's girl and is hesitant around strangers.

Is so sweet and so dramatic. She is so cuddly with pretty much anyone who will give her the time of day but especially with  grandmas. When someone is crying or angry, she will gently pat them and say "it's ok". It's amazing how perceptive she is to emotions already. She loves blankets but not one in particular. She just wants to be wrapped up or drag around whichever is on hand. Every time she wakes up and I get her out of her crib, she has to get her blanket out, along with her bunny. When she sees something she wants, she nods her head and says "I do, I do" without it being offered. She also adds a diminutive "y" to any word that ends in "K" for some reason: "Clarky", "socky", etc. It's so weird and cute. She tries to sing along with songs she knows, and her favorite is "All About that Bass".

Wendy telling Clark "it's ok", and Magnolia probably pestering him more.

This is when I'm grateful for scrawny legs

They liked swimming but not so much that they'd leave my side so it's perfect! 

First day of nursery! Whenever I say picture they run and sit on the stairs.. Hence all the pics in this spot

Every time we walk into a store like this I think "Miss Natalli's Preschool". It's actually almost embarassing now that I'm starting to look pregnant.

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