Clark says

Precious words from the mouth of our babe:

3/2014 Whenever the babies slobber or spit up on something he says "That's pretty disgusting" in a very concerned voice

2/2014 If we don't pick him up when he says "hold you", he switches to "hugs? huuuuugs?"

2/2014 Almost every morning after everyone is fed and dressed he says the following with no pause for my response: "OK! You wanna go to _______ (the library/the park/Crew's house/wherever else he wants to go)? Ok, sure Bubba, sure! Getcher shoes!" How can I say no when he's already answered?!

1/2014 his polite way of telling me to leave him alone: "go check on the babies?"

12/2013 I sniffed him and he whispered, "Didyoupoop?"

12/2013 while licking the butter off his waffle, "mmmm butterfly"

12/2013 everytime he sees the twinkle lights hanging up around the house "so preetty! Thanks daddy!"

10/2013 I was talking to him while he ate breakfast and kept blabbing on when he suddenly interrupted me with "theeeee eeend"

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Lari said...

I think you should keep saving these aahs then write a book