Thursday, April 2, 2015

Clark 3.0

This guy is three already! He potty trained like a champ, is still incredibly friendly and chatty, is getting good at arguing and manipulating, and is still pretty sensitive. He prays through squinted eyes and lifts a finger from he folded arms to point at each thing he's grateful for. His latest obsession is Thomas the Train (or any kind of train) and he will spend hours pushing his little trains around, narrating elaborate stories, using expressions straight from the tv show "Cinders and ashes! Percy's pistons couldn't pump!" I don't know whether to be ashamed or proud that he knows the name of every single train on that show (there are a lot and many are the same color). Some phrases pop up in his normal conversations, too. He'll say things like "I'm so very cross". It's adorable.

A few other cool things he's said lately:

Me: Do you want grilled cheese?
Clark: No, I want BOY cheese!

Whenever one of the girls starts dancing, he says "yaaa goil!" 

Me: We're going to meet grandma at the store.
C: So it's Kohl's? 
(My mom loooves Kohl's)

And the classic..."My dad has a big weiner!" in front of my whole family (who fortunately aren't phased by such comments). 
Apparently he was watching my sister change her newborn's diaper and commented on his tiny package, which lead to the comparison. Oy. 

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