Thursday, February 19, 2015


Usually, I don't like to complain too much--wait I take that back, I like to complain. But I try not to because almost every complaint I have deserves a #firstworldproblem and no one likes a downer. But I also think sometimes people need to hear about my bad days so they can feel better about themselves for the day. Sometimes it feels like everyone is so far above and beyond that no one can relate (not that we should compare, but hey, it's human nature). So relate or feel good about yourself: 

Today I was so stinking tired. Physically tired. Emotionally tired. Tired of everything being slimy and sticky and smelling like poop. Tired of trying to think up ways to get out of the house so I don't lose it and tired of snapping 6 buckles in and 6 buckles out when we do get out. 

Today I felt trapped in a big gross smelly mess with whining in 3 dissonant keys constantly ringing in my ears. And for every mess I clean up, there are little minions (disguised as angels) making 5 more. 

I love my kids. Yes, they are a blessing. I am grateful for them. But somedays they cause me to curl up in a ball at the end of the day and cry. Because I'm tired.  

And so help me, if they continue to EACH poop 2-3 times a day (that's 6-9 stinky diapers, people!)...I will all-the-way lose it.


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amanda and clay said...

I only have one and I've felt completely exhausted this whole week, I have no idea how you do it! Can't wait to see your pooping angels tomorrow!! Also, is that a minivan??