Friday, February 20, 2015

Flashback Friday

I always have great memories pop into my head that I chuckle about and then forget. But I should be writing this stuff down! So I'm going to try to write one every week and call it "Flashback Friday" because I'm incredibly clever. 

This first story contains some privileged info and I hope I don't get in a lot of trouble for sharing it. I think it was the summer between jr and sr year in high school. One night, me and three of my closest gal pals--whose identities I will protect--were having a sleepover and planning out a music video to a song we found on my Barbie Generation Girl Gotta Groove cd-rom (let's be clear, I was not playing the computer game as a 16-year-old..and were mostly joking about thinking the music was cool). Anyway, at some point we all had sports bras on over our shirts for probably a good reason. This somehow turned into us forming a super secret society: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Sports Bra.

And no, it didn't seem at all unhygienic at the time to be sharing underclothing. I'm pretty sure we lit candles or maybe just had flashlights and wrote out a list of elaborate rules for our sisterhood (if this is sounding at all familiar, no we didn't copy any popular tween movies of the time). I can't remember all of the rules, but I do remember a few:
*each girl gets the bra for a month before passing it on to the next
*you must document one special thing that happened to you while it was in your possession, in sharpie on the bra
*you must at some point during the month run up to a boy you don't know at school and shout "Scotty!!!" while embracing him. 
*never under any circumstances share this information with anyone 

Then we lay head-to-head in a circle, holding hands and listening to Ben Folds "Still Fighting It", which was actually a touching moment. 

One time Olivia secretly handed it off to me with a note detailing her experiences when we were at something or other, and I stuffed it into a plastic bag with my other belongings (maybe we didn't have purses back then). When my boyfriend gave me a ride home later, I left the bag in his truck. I think he returned it to me the same day. Well he finally told me months later that he and a few of his friends (including Olivia's boo) had snooped! And they thought it was the weirdest thing they'd ever seen and had a good laugh at us. It probably just made them like us more.. Just like Jacob is probably reading this and falling more and more in love or my kids are reading this years from now thinking, "man, Mom was sooo cool".
The End. 

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