Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vegas Weekend

We've been missing our Utah friends so us girls planned a trip to Vegas so we could meet in the middle. We rented a house so we could all live together and stay up late chatting and playing video games after the kids were in bed. 

On Saturday we went to an aquarium and then wandered around the strip. It was kind of a long day for the kids (and me) but really fun! Mostly is was just nice to sit around with our friends and watch our kids interact with theirs--when we left Provo we were the only ones with a baby and he was only a couple weeks old. Clark loved chasing Leo around and grabbed his hand and said "you're my best friend!" Now he won't stop asking about him :( ok it's possible that part of the appeal is that he shares a name with his favorite character from Little Einsteins but I also think they're just kindred spirits. 

Arlo kept pointing the fish out to the girls but they just weren't as excited as he wanted them to be. 

Clark loved the fish but was very nervous about the little sharks. He backed up every time one came by and pulled Leo down in a headlock to keep him "safe". Close call. 

Let's do it again soon! 

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