Saturday, January 24, 2015

Welcome to the PARTYYY!

That's what Clark says every time we're upstairs and he runs into his room and the girls follow him and he slams the door and they monkey around and scream and I'm not invited. It almost always ends in tears but they continue to do it every day. 
Any way I thought it was a fitting phrase for our life. Just one big party. Maybe the kind of party in high school movies where you get cheese and crackers for 8 but the whole school shows up and ruins your house and it's all chaotic and out of your control. Like how am I supposed to keep up with all this laundry? Ya, totally out of control but still fun. And exauhsting. Welcome to the party!

Sometimes when we put Clark in time out one or both of the girls thinks he's just playing a cool game and joins him. 

Oh we threw a real party. For my sister because she's having a baby. It was "welcome to the world" themed. And turned out pretty cute!

Now back to my kids

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amanda and clay said...

So many heart eyes for this bunch! 😍😍😍 I have no idea how you keep up, they're growing SO fast (and tall)!