Monday, January 12, 2015

Clark Joins the Team

For the last little while, I've felt like it was us against Clark. He was constantly picking on the girls, beating them up, taking things from them and fighting with me/asserting his independence. 
Then one day I realized he wasn't going to timeout every 30 min for hitting someone. And there was a little more laughing and playing.
 Then this happened: he was talking to Wendy when I overheard him say "oh, you got boogs. Let me get you a tissue!"

Today I was putting Magnolia in the grocery cart, and she started screaming and writhing and I mumbled "I can't deal with this right now". Clark hurried to climb out of the car yelling, "oh, I will help her!"
 I said "ok, just help her stay in the cart while I get Wendy out." He put his arms around her, started singing, and she was instantly calm (or maybe in shock to receive kind treatment from her brother). I could cry it was so sweet. And because I realized he's been so helpful and obliging lately. And that's exactly what I need--someone on MY team. 

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Andrea said...

This is the cutest! Yay Clark!!!