Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to get some big picture frames which I hauled up to the front under one arm while maneuvering my double stroller in the other. When we finally made it to the check out line Clark insisted that he just needed to "pick out one treat" (he's been spending a lot of time with grandma and aunt who are a lot nicer than I am). I said "nope, sorry." 
A few elderly cashiers teased him for being pouty while I checked out which made him even more mad, and by the time I was ready to go he wanted nothing to do with me. His spot on the stroller is just a ride-on board so if he refuses to cooperate, I'm out of luck. So I stuck him in a cart, and he was screaming like a wild animal. As I went to get the frames to load in the cart, I heard a cashier gasp and grab him because he was trying to jump ship. I pretended to stay calm but was about to lose it. The whole store was staring at us. I just wanted to run away and cry. 
A sweet old lady checking out right after me said "wait a second and I'll help you". Thank heavens. I never could've made it out on my own. Clark was still going absolutely buck wild while I tried to load him (and giant frames and two babies and a stroller) into the truck. By the time we were driving away I felt so defeated. 

I guess there's not really a moral to this story except don't ever be the onlooker thinking "that will never be my kid" because yes, it probably will be. And when it is, you're not alone. 


amanda and clay said...

You're a champ, Nat. Sorry it was such a rough trip.. I'm glad someone was there to help and props to you for keeping it together. I've lost it in public more than once (sometimes because people were too nice, sometimes because people weren't--can't win with me, haha). Thanks for being real. ♥️

alyssa said...

Oh gosh, I'm so sorry!! I'm not ready for that!