Friday, December 12, 2014

The Forest

Last weekend we drove north with a lot of my family to chop down Christmas trees. I searched with everyone for a while and then just went back to the cars to sit and try to keep the kids happy. Then everyone came back with ugly-ish trees (ours taking the cake) and had hot cocoa. 

Wendy was so weird. I set her down and she just froze on me and sat like a zombie for at least 30min. My kids (most kids?) are all sooo wiggly usually. 

I always loved getting a new ornament every year so I started that with my kids this year. 

For the diva who brings me shoes and says "shoes? Shoes? Shoes?" and cries until I put them on her (including this one)

For my always-pretending, crazy imagination child (don't worry about his shirt)

For my goofy girl who climbs on everything 

Honestly the girls' could've gone to either one of them. But at this moment those fit them best. 

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