Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pre Christmas activities

Here are some fun things we've been doing to get in the holiday spirit! 

I don't know if this is only cool for kids who live in hot places but Clark and his cousin loooooved this play snow. Just baking soda and hair conditioner--I can do that!

I put together an auction on Instagram and got a bunch of small shops donate items for people to bid on. With the money we earned I was able to buy gifts for families struggling to get by. It was so fun getting to shop for so many people! Oh and to see how generous people are.

I bought this gingerbread haunted mansion kit on after-Halloween clearance and we pretended it was for Christmas (and broke it a few times)

I had to copy my SILs idea of throwing a Grinch Feast because it's so cute, and Clark fell in love with the Grinch cartoon this year. We had roast beast, Who Hash, Grinch punch, and some little Santa Ginch fruit kabobs. I can't believe I spaced the Who Pudding! Next year. 

Clark has also had cookie decorating parties with Grandma Marcia and another with Bethany and all the Smith cousins. Yesterday he made gingerbread houses with Amy's kids. And we've strollered around looking at Christmas lights several times a week. 

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