Saturday, November 22, 2014


Here's what I took pictures of in the last month. 
Stroller-blading...a really cool term I just created.

Tea parties. These two don't act overly friendly, but they always follow each other around and do everything together. Occassionally I catch them goofing off together but usually only when they're supposed to be sleeping. 

They didn't appreciate going to the splash pad in November, but baby bath robes...come on.

We went to a carnival for my friend's ranch and he requested to be painted into a monster. 

Don't feed the animals. He's been feeding them junk food since they were 4-months-old.

That chair! Number one source of contention in this family. The youngest gets a rare moment of glory.

Their favorite thing right now is "Ring Around the Rosies" and I can never say no because it means they'll hold my hands and each other's! I was trying to get them to play without me here but it was a little tricky. Don't mind that they look like scraggly boys. 

I promise she was having fun right before I took this. I consider it huge progress that now when Magnolia comes over to Clark on this he scoots back to make a space instead of smacking her. 

And Wendy thinks she's sooo cool

The weather has finally cooled down so we've been able to take lots of walks and play outside all the time. Thank goodness! Most places are depressing in the winter, but Arizona is depressing in the summer. 

Currently, the girls have a bad case of hfm disease on top of cutting several teeth so they're pretty miserable. 

They're all starting to be a teeeeny bit nicer to each other and play together more which is the best. 

Wendy decided to start walking a couple weeks ago which really gave Magnolia the courage to go for it. Crawling is still the preferred method of transportation but we're getting there! I'm also seeing their individual personalities come out more and more. 

Clark is still super cool, super into nerdy stuff, and super good at throwing fits (when does that go away?!). 


Annie said...

STROLLER-BLADING?!?!?!?! You are officially the coolest person I know. (That was not a sarcastic comment) I really want to be a stroller-blade mom!!!!

alyssa said...

I love you and your family! So awesome.