Monday, December 29, 2014


We had such a great Christmas Eve and Christmas that I forgot to take many pictures. I got Christmas morning on video at least. Did all the usual craziness at my parents' on Christmas Eve. We did add a kids white elephant gift exchange which apparently does not mean funny stuff like an adult one does. I learned that the hard way when my neice picked the gift I had Clark bring--a box of diaper disposal bags--and instantly burst into tears. 
I woke my kids at 7 sharp on Christmas morning to see what Santy brought them. Then we went to eat breakfast with my family and open gifts with them. Then we drove straight to the Ellsworth's cabin in Heber. It snowed right as we were arriving so I had my first white Christmas too! 
We spent a couple days at the cabin. Jacob and Clark had a blast playing in the snow but all the kids got sick and the girls were not sleeping well and getting ridiculously grumpy/clingy so I was a little relieved to get back home. Maybe some day vacation will be a vacation again! On the plus side, everything Clark says is a lot cuter in a raspy cold voice. 

Wearing plaid and unnecessary scarves in the spirit of the season. 

Grandkids singing The Friendly Beasts. Please note Jacob's (top left) amazing footy pajamas which I spent a million hours sewing for him. 

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