Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Parties

1. This big party some people in our ward throw in a warehouse and go alllll out with decorations and magicians and comedians and stuff. It was mostly awkward since we didn't know many people there, but the comedian was pretty good. I forgot to plan us a costume so we threw this together last minute: 

2. Ward Trunk-or-Treat 
A little lame since Jacob took Clark to a cooler party and babies aren't too into games and trick or treating yet. We just are some chili and left. And no one really got the girls' costumes. Hmph

3. The "Cooler Party"
My brother-in-law thought it would be fun to throw a party for all the nieces and nephews. Of course Jacob got involved with the planning and they had big dreams. I didn't go, but heard all the planning about each room being a different theme/activity. And it looks like they had a lot of fun. 

4. Intel Trick-or-Treat 
I've heard the legends of this, but this is the first year we actually got to go! My brother-in-law (a different one) works for Intel and every year they have trick-or-treating from the cubicles. There are millions and they are all crammed together so it's a very efficient way to get lots of candy, even when you have an incredibly slow, clumsy toddler and a double stroller. Don't worry, he only got lost once. 

5. Hammond Halloween Party
On Halloween night we went to EmmaLee's for the annual soup, bread bowls, homemade donuts, and trick-or-treating party. Her neighborhood is great because almost everyone sits out on their porch to hand out candy. Thank you! Unfirtunately, it was past Clark's bedtime and he was running out of steam by then, but he did get us a good amount if candy to add to the stash. Truly one of the most gratifying parts of being a parent. 
For this party we got Bethany and Blake to be a polygamist family with us. 

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Hailey Roper said...

Haha! I lve Jacobs face in that first picture. Your kids are the cutest.