Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This is Halloween

Holidays just got so much cooler! I've always been a holiday lover, but had to go through this weird phase called being an adult where I felt like I couldn't be as fanatic about them. Now Clark has gotten to an age where he kind of gets what's going on or can at least make a new pumpkin/bat/skeleton/ghost craft every day and get excited about putting up decorations with me and it's the best. 

Who knows how to make cobwebs stay nice and spread out on stucco? Ours got all sad in the wind.

Last year Jacob saw me looking at this on Pinterest or something last year and said "that's cool, you should make that!" (It's nails and string). He's not usually one to get excited about crafts/me spending all our money at JoAnns so I jumped on it and somehow in my zombie state with two newborns whipped it up. Now that's an accomplishment! 

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s.s. bazodi said...

can I have the cat lights?