Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Magnolia, 1 Year

Ok, I'll let you have your own post just this once.

 The first thing I really remember about Magnolia is the first time I tried to get her to nurse. She was so teeny and had a hard time figuring out what to do even though she was really hungry. We both started getting frustrated, but I took a deep breath, looked into her big ol' eyes and said "girl, we're doing this. We can sit here all day, but you're going to figure it out." And she did like a champ.

I love how determined she is and the way I can always see her brain working, thinking everything through before she does something (unlike her very impulsive siblings, not that I compare...). She's a little bit clingy at the moment and wary of unfamiliar places, but does fine as long as she knows someone familiar is nearby. She can take a beating without so much as a whimper (I DON'T beat her, but the big brother does) but will let you know, loud and clear, if she's tired or hungry. Girl knows how to get her way--she is the victor of most toy fights between her and Wendy. Right now she can stand on her own for a long time, walk while pushing something, and say a few words. And no more formula/bottles. Hurray! (says our bank account).

No stats on height/weight until we go to the Dr in a week, but they both still wear 6-9 month clothes.

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