Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cool Things About Clark

Full disclosure: I'm listing out all the positives for my own sake, because this child has really been pushing my buttons lately. Why are boys full of sooooo much energy and obnoxious noises?

- Every morning he wakes up as a new animal/bug/creature. Sometimes throughout the day, he becomes interesting cross-breads like "It's a big giraffe caterpillar" or one time he called me--no joke--Mama Monster Cupcake. The other day he woke up as a baby peach. I guess I was thinking when I introduced him to James and the Giant Peach that he'd relate more to James or at least one of the bugs.

- He has a lot of catchphrases and a few make me laugh every time: "That was a bad idea!", "You're drivin' me nuts!" (he says it just like Michelle from Full House would), "It's/You're freaking me out!" whenever something is frustrating him.

- He also calls us by our first names if we don't listen the first few times he says mom or dad, calls his sisters "little ladies", and thinks "Erica"(my SIL) and "hair cut" are the same word, so both are something like "Ericut"

- When he's in a good mood he is very helpful, especially with the babies.

- He loooves classical music. Thank you, Little Einsteins. His favorite song right now is Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", (followed by Lil Jon's "Snap Yo Fingers") He also says things like "you're doing it staccato" when I sing something choppy and is pretty great at carrying a tune.

- His favorite books for us to read him are these really long ones with Disney characters in them, but not the actual Disney stories. Most of them are pretty obnoxious, but I like that he can sit still and quietly listen for so long (but if someone has a good treasury-type book recommendation that's not Disney, I'm all ears!)

- He has the best imagination. You've never seen a kid play with his food so elaborately. It sometimes bugs me, but he eats it eventually and is pretty funny to watch.

Anddd he climbs into the baby toys even though he's not allowed to 

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Lari said...

I love how you write about him and I love him so much! What a bloomin genius!