Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wendy, 1 Year

Ohhh Wendy! Sometimes looking at Wendy is like looking at a mirror. That freaks me out a little bit, but I totally get her. Since the day I had her, she has had a calming effect on me. I would start worrying about something or feeling down and holding Wendy always brought me peace. 

She loves to climb on and into things. I hate that! But I am pretty impressed at the things she can climb up that even Clark struggles with (though we all know coordination isn't his thing). She is also very social and will crawl into the lap of any stranger, rest her head on them and say "awwww". And she's always the initiator of nap-time and bed-time chats with Magnolia. She can be a little dramatic. If she's unhappy about something, she'll fall onto her back and scream then roll over and sit up just so she can do it again. And again. When we reprimand her she either gets a really pouty lip or just slowly shrinks down like an ashamed puppy.  As of now she totally doesn't mind being left with a babysitter or wherever. 

She can walk while pushing stuff and say lots of words (for a 1-year-old). She never really tries to stand unassisted but probably can. She doesn't seem to care much about learning to walk, but will probably just up and do it as soon as Magnolia does. And that will be a beautiful day because I hate the crawling phase! 

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