Friday, August 22, 2014

11 months

I'm loving 11 months! I feel like they're starting to understand so much and get just a little more independent. They're cruising along furniture, dancing up a storm, applauding themselves for no reason and saying a few words! 

Wendy still growls when she gets excited and has the most evil laugh sometimes (so funny because she's the sweetest, most tender-hearted thing). If the stair gate is ever a tiny crack open she'll spot it from a mile away and be at the top of the stairs before I even notice she's gone. She's said: hi, cracker, sister in the appropriate context but will not say anything on demand or consistently. 

Magnolia is still my really good sleeper! She's also my only baby who tries to eat neatly. She takes one dainty bite at a time and usually ends up with way less food on her face and clothes. She says pretty consistently: hi, yay (while clapping), uh-oh (her favorite and the cutest) and says sometimes: sister, cracker, please 

I'm only pretty offended that they haven't said "mama" except as a sound they make while crying dramatically. Annnnd I'm going to save myself $100+ on a DNA test and say they're identical based on everyone telling me that and their 6 teeth coming in the exact same order at almost the exact same time...and a few other similarities. 


amanda and clay said...

Oh my goodness, they are totally killing me... They are SO sweet and make me wish Leo had a twin (twice the cute! But not really though, let's be honest he's practically two kids anyway <-- A MOM WITHOUT TWINS CAN'T SAY THAT!). But really, they sound just as sweet as they look in all their pictures. Can't wait to see them again (hopefully soon).

alyssa said...

Awwwwww! They're the sweetest. I can't wait for my girls to start saying words!