Thursday, July 3, 2014

9 months (a couple weeks ago)

Yikes, I'm bad at blogging lately. Our little girls are 9 months now. Still army crawling, starting to pull up onto things (I haaaaate that), jabbering, bug-eyed, the usual.

Weight: 16#9 (12%), Height: 28.5 (80%), Head 18 (95% they're really smart ok?)
Other interesting facts: speaks parseltongue, demands a binky halfway through her afternoon nap without fail, initiates peekaboo and thinks it's sooo clever

Weight: 16#10 (13%), Height: 29 in (91%), Head 18 (95%)
She loves dancing. Anytime she hears any sort of music, she gets all excited and starts bobbing her head. It's extra cute to me because Clark never really danced until I commanded him to (and has about as much enthusiasm for it as his dad). Also says "dada" but prefers mom and....umm sorry there's more facts about your sister. 

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amanda and clay said...

Wendy and Leo were made for each other, he loves to dance too! Baby soulmates!