Thursday, June 19, 2014


My mom and her sister wanted to have a reunion with both families this summer and it ended up working out for everyone to go to rocky point at the same time it was Jacob's family's turn for the beach house! 

We went a few days before my family and relaxed with the Ellsworth's. Well there was only a little relaxation since I still have 3 babies to keep happy and on day 2 we were all sick as dogs. It was pretty bad, passing babies to whoever wasn't throwing up or about to pass out. 

Once we were feeling a little better, we played with all of my siblings and cousins, did a little shopping at the dirt mall, found creatures, etc. We had a blast but after almost a week, I was more than ready to get home to my own bed, high chairs, carpeted floors (babies and tile don't mix), and all that. Clark would've been happy to stay and run around with his cousins forever. 

Grandkids seranading the dads for Father's Day 

So many creepy sister selfies 

Ray's annual shell contest

Clark loves Crew way too much. The feeling is sometimes mutual

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