Friday, April 4, 2014

Birthday Party

We had a little party at my parents' for Clark on Saturday. I love having so much family here and being able to keep everything low key. I did make a few decorations that I knew Clark would be thrilled about and he really was! I also made him a "cocoon" piƱata; luckily he thinks everything is a cocoon so it's ok that it looked like a heap of junk. He was a little nervous about hitting it (I figured as much) but the other kids had a blast busting it to pieces.

He got so  many fun gifts from family and friends. I just hid half of them for when he gets bored in a month or so.

 Trying to convince him that he really does want to whack the cocoon


amanda and clay said...

This is my favorite birthday party for so many reasons... I especially love that he didn't want to break the cocoon. You did such a great job on the decorations!

Brooke said...

So sad we missed it! But then again, I totally thought it was at your house so I'm kinda glad we couldn't make it…because we wouldn't have really made it…