Tuesday, April 1, 2014

6 Months

Oh and these two turned 6 months a couple weeks ago!
They haven't been feeling so hot lately, but they're still pretty sweet. They're so good at going with the flow and catching on to things quickly. I finally started solids with them (I HATE the purees phase, so I've been putting it off) a few days ago and they're already eating like pros and loving trying new things.
They love being read to, sung to, and pretty much any kind of attention they can get. They both think Clark is hilarious when he gives them the time of day. Magnolia can magically move across the room even though she doesn't crawl yet. Wendy probably could too, but she's usually content to just hang out where she's at.
Whereas Clark has always been something of an enigma to me, these two feel so familiar. I look at them and see me. They worry me a lot less for that reason and because there's always comfort in knowing they have each other.
I thought they would look more and more different as time passed, but the opposite seems to be happening. One morning they were wearing the same pajamas and Jacob and I mixed them up at least 8 times between the two of us. It's a really weird feeling. So we decided to get their ears pierced with different earrings to help people (ok, us) tell them apart. And because I think it's pretty cute.

13 lb 8 oz (7%), 25.75" (43%)

13 lb 9 oz (8%), 26.75" (77%)

If you get tired of sucking on your own hand, just borrow your sisters.

(earrings ^^^)

They even make the same faces

(and more earrings)

And..when dad's not home at bedtime


amyswor said...

Was searching for my GF's blog and came to your interesting one. Saw your post about having your daughters ears piercded at six months. I think you're a smart and thoughtful mommy for doing the girls at this age. I have twin G/G's and did them at this age too. They always looked alike until they had different earrings and everyone knew who was Sandi and Missy.

Some say to wait at this age to pierce their ears, but our ped encouraged me to do it when mom could care for them. She gave me some " Tips for moms having their dd's ears pierced and " Care for Newly Pierced Ears" since she had so many moms ask about having their infants and little girls ears pierced.

I know cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls, right?

Promise they will thank you later for the "gift of pierced ears" as infants. If any other moms would like any of our ped’s tips for piercing, then don’t hesitate to write me an e-mail. They include OTC meds to minimize any discomfort as well as how to find the most experienced person to pierce her ears.


Kylie said...

That second to last picture of one of the girls looks so much like Clark! They are so precious, and if I were in AZ, I would beg you to let me babysit.

Lari said...

SO CUTE, every one of them. I AM in AZ and I am BEGGING to babysit.