Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sad-ish stuff

Yesterday Clark was so eager to be done with nap time (and I was in the middle of feeding babies) that he face-planted himself right out of his crib. I heard the dreaded "bang!" and ran to a terrified kid with a bloody nose and mouth. I cried with him for a while and then made it all better with frozen gogurt, Tylenol, and Monsters Inc. He's way too uncoordinated to be so sneaky. 

Tonight I cleaned, cooked a complete meal + dessert, and even set the table for the missionaries to come over. They never showed! Ugh. 

4 month sleep regression and colds for twins. Kill me now. Jk they're still not terrible but they sure did spoil me with beautiful sleep the first 3 months or so. 

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