Tuesday, January 21, 2014

4 Months

The best thing about this last month is that the girls started noticing each other and grinning and "chatting" when they catch one another's eye. I love it so much. And they started laughing.
 I also love I still find them like this every morning:

They love eating and I am having a hard time keeping up with them! Up until now they have been almost exclusively breastfed, but I'm going to start supplementing a little, at least until they start solids. I'm amazed and grateful we've made it this long.

10 lb, 15 oz   24.5 in 

Magnolia has a great set of lungs. She can cry so loud. She loves sleeping (which I love), sticking her entire fist in her mouth, and looking really exasperated with us right before she falls asleep. Her eyes have two settings: closed and wide open. 

11 lbs, 3 oz   24.75 in

Wendy is so sweet and friendly. Every morning she greets me with 5 sneezes and a great big smile, even if she's starving. She's rolling a little bit but not consistently. She's taken to sucking on her fingers which is kind of nice because she can sooth herself, but kind of bad because I can't take them away like I can a binky. 


alyssa said...

It's so adorable how they snuggle! And I love Magnolia's wide open eyes, they're the cutest!

Uber Coopers said...

They just look so sweet and happy! Love the cuddling!

The Watson's said...

I love them!!