Monday, January 20, 2014


That's what Clark says every time he sees letters, because I always write the letters of his name out and say "C-L-A-R-K". Only half caught on there...

He is still obsessed with caterpillars and butterflies. Really. He turns anything and everything into a cocoon or draws cocoons over everything and shouts "Two weeks, THEN.... beautiful butterfly!" His very favorite cocoon at the moment is the hammock.

He's finally gotten to a stage of tantrums that don't drive me completely nuts. I actually think they're pretty funny. He just screams "No" and a bunch of rubbish really fast. And then he's over it.

He can count, recognize numbers, and work smart phones and ipads better than I can. Pretty sure the latter 2 taught him the prior, but I'll pretend it was us.

Genius, right?

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Lari said...

Definitely a blooming genius! And really cute to boot!