Friday, November 8, 2013

Blessing Day

Last Sunday Jacob blessed Magnolia and Wendy. I felt like it would be a lot of pressure to have to give two blessings in a row, make sure you get the names right, and not say the exact same things twice--especially since both girls were screaming mad about being woken up and taken out of their warm blankeys--but Jacob was definitely inspired and each blessing was equally beautiful and unique.  Amy was kind enough to audio record the blessings on her phone (that's allowed, right?) so it will be nice to be able to go back and listen to them.

After church everyone came over to our house for lunch, and it was so fun to have our house full of guests and hear kids having fun running around (it's a big deal when we've been living in shoe boxes for the last 4 years). And Bethany was kind enough to do a photo shoot with the girls. I won't name names, but one of them was being very cooperative and totally working the camera while the other wanted no part of it.  Oh well, she got cute pictures of all anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot to talk about the dresses! Remember how I knew for sure I was NOT having two girls. So my mom and I found a pretty crochet dress pattern for her to start working on in case there was one girl. She should've just called it quits once we knew there were 2, because we couldn't just let one of them have the special dress and 2 would be way too much work. But she went ahead and made TWO different (but similar) dresses for them. We love them!

Magnolia, case I can't remember in 5 years

Wendy gives her this look often.  I think it means "I love you, but you're nuts."

our favorite son
Ok, I had to remove the individual photos because I couldn't tell who was who. "Honestly woman, and you call yourself our mother". Seriously, what would I do if they were identical?!

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David, Melissa, and kids said...

Oh, so cute! Your Mom is wonderful, I'm sure you already know.
My kids and I loved seeing the "I love you, but your nuts" picture. We've got a lot of that around here.