Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween '13

Well I was in no mood to be creative or elaborate with costumes this year, so we whipped out the old Mario and Peach costumes from 5 years ago, rounded up a Luigi costume for Clark, and made some little mushroom hats for the babies. Lucky for me, Amy also lent me this glorious wig to complete the look.

We went to our ward trunk or treat on Tuesday night where I forced Clark to do the cake walk and go from car to car begging for candy...for him of course (no). I guess I'll never be a day older than 12 at heart. By this point he had erased his mustache and refused to keep his hat on, so pretty much just looked like a kid wearing overalls. Jacob pushed the girls in the stroller at a distance and pretended he didn't know me.

On real Halloween we went to the annual Halloween party put on by my sister. Ate soup and bread bowls and amazing homemade donuts and then all the kids went out trick or treating. Jacob took Clark along while I stayed with the babies. I was so excited that he was old enough to justify trick-or-treating but young enough to not know that I would be eating most of his loot. So I was genuinely upset when all the youngins came back with buckets of candy and Clark was empty handed! Apparently Jacob did not feel Clark was old enough to actually participate in the candy-getting part of trick-or-treating. Grrrr. Lesson learned. And I still have the next 2 months of holidays to get fat.

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