Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This year Easter was the day after Clark's birthday, and he and I were both feeling pretty sick so we didn't do anything too exciting. We did manage to color some eggs and let Clark crawl around in the backyard finding them. He was kind of into it until he licked one and decided it didn't taste very good. Then he was over it.
I watercolored these cups for the birthday party, but then I thought about what might happen if people had sweaty hands. So we used them for dye instead.

my prettiest rainbow egg


amanda and clay said...

So cute! Can't wait to see you guys!

Andrea said...

Love those cups and your eggs! Nice color choices. I wonder if watered-down acrylic paint would give the same watercolor look without wiping off on sweaty hands -I seriously want to figure out how to make it work because I'm seriously loving the way those cups turned out

natalli said...

Ya I think that is what I was supposed to do. I also got cheap dollar store cups and duh, they're coated in wax! So make sure they're paper coffee cups ;) got the idea from designsponge

Sherrill Mead said...

I have never seen a more beautiful and handsome
family. You three are great. Natalli, You are so clever
and your design is just awesome. Clark is what
"my mom called one of "the terrible twos". She was
a nursery school teacher for years. Three's are great,
and watch out for four year olds. I don't see how clark
could fit into that category. He is just adventurous and learning about his world.
I would love to see you all. Love you, Gma Mead