Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To the Beach

We took a trip to So Cal and stayed in some little beachside "cottages" on a military base on account of my brother is a dentist for the military. It  was great to see family, but Clark was SO grumpy the first few days and reminded me that "vacation" with a baby really isn't much of a vacation.

Most of the flights I've taken with Clark have been late at night so he sleeps the whole way, and it's wonderful. This time we had to go a little earlier. He screamed inconsolably for the entire descent. Usually a pacifier helps here, but we're done with those, so after trying ever other trick in the book I just sat there trying really hard not to cry while people gave me death stares--like listening to my child cry for 15 minutes had ruined their entire day, maybe even their entire life. Why didn't I just make him a stupid bottle beforehand?!

Oh well. On the beach he enjoyed crawling as far away from me as possible, which was fine until he started eating sand and seaweed. And then when his little cousins (and aunts and uncles and grandparents--ahem) would laugh, it turned into his favorite, hilarious game. What a mess. Things got much better once Jacob arrived a few days later, and we could take turns relaxing.

Clark also had a lot of fun observing his cousin Jack who's a few months younger than him (I've been trying to get him into babies). Almost every time he saw Jack, he would say "QUACK, QUACK, QUACK" the way he  does to his beloved stuffed duck. That's a good sign, right?

Ok, now the fun stuff.
(I remembered I like when people write on their pictures. So I'll copy.)


s.s. bazodi said...

The kids do not look happy to be participating in that shell contest.

natalli said...

Bethany, they're just really nervous about who Ray's going to pick

Lari said...

That was a fun time! Thank you for making the effort to come and delight us with your presence and Clark's cuteness!