Monday, April 1, 2013

The Birthday Party

So I had planned on throwing Clark's party at a park so the kids could just play (and I wouldn't have to entertain them) and blow bubbles and it would be a beautiful day. But as the day approached, the weather kept saying "rain!". So I finally gave in a moved the party to our little house which we then had to clean. Uhhh. By this point, all hope of making it a real cute party had pretty much gone down the drain because I'm tired and sick and don't have to be a cute over-achiever mom if I don't wanna!

Clark was also pretty sick. So basically the whole time, Jacob had to hold him and keep him away from the other kids. We felt so bad for him by the end of the day; kid spent his birthday watching all his friends play with his toys without him. And before that he was pretty much neglected while we ran around like headless chickens trying to prepare for the last minute change of plans. Poor guy. So here's a sad little boy's sad little birthday party.

Back when I was feeling ambitious I made these wrappers to match the party...and cover up the really ugly wrappers that come on bubbles. 

Luckily, it was just a nice laid-back time for the most part, good company, and my mini fruit pizzas turned out pretty tasty (everyone gets to eat whatever the pregnant lady's craving). Clark was much happier after going at that cake and got totally spoiled with gifts from friends and family. Oh, and what do you know? It didn't even rain! Of course.

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amanda and clay said...

What a cute cake!! That banner is adorable.