Tuesday, October 2, 2012


(Full-Screen it kids)

All I really want for Christmas is to go to the movie theater all by myself with a purse full of junk food and shamelessly bawl through the whole thing.

Amendment: "All alone" mostly means without a baby, I just didn't want Clark to get his feelings hurt. If you are willing to binge and cry with me, then you can come with me (so I guess no men either).


Em said...

Please come here for Christmas and we'll all go bawl together!

s.s. bazodi said...

Yes- why do you want to go alone when you can see it will 5 sisters (Eryn will be home, and she is basically your in-law)who will cry with you. 5 sisters equals 5 bags full of a variety of junk food.

amy said...

plus mom already bought us tickets... or talked about buying us tickets. i don't remember, but u should come here to see it!