Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Part Two

I guess I feel like my blog hasn't been embarrassing/juicy/revealing enough lately. So, I bring you the much-anticipated...
Confessions, Part 2

1. I spend a lot of time doing full blown interpretive dances to the corny jingles that come out of Clark's swing. It keeps us both entertained for at least 15 minutes at a time and is a pretty good work out.

2. The other day I was trying to use a computer at the library and couldn't get it to log in. Turns out instead of my card number, I was typing in the library's phone number printed at the top of the card. Over, and over, and over again.

3. I have a very wild, irrational imagination so I freak myself out all the time. Once at a sleepover, I was sure that someone trying to break into our friend's house so I convinced Olivia to hide in the bathroom with me for over an hour, heated hair styling tools at the ready. (This is why I cannot watch scary movies).

4. Lots of people think or have thought I hate them (this is ironic since I can't think of even a single person I strongly dislike). I attribute it it to one or a combination of three things: a) I have a naturally "sour" countenance. My out-of-it face looks a lot like a you're-the-worst face. b) I'm a little shy and a lot socially awkward, especially in big groups. c) I have a pretty dry sense of humor. So if you don't know me very well and think I don't like you, I do. Let's be friends.

5. My favorite Olympic gymnast was the Russian girl with really beautiful ballerina legs. I'm such a traitor.

Now, feel free to share some deep secrets with me.


Brooke said...

hahaha #4 is my favorite. OK, I guess we can be friends.

Olivia said...

Hahaha remember how we left Kaitlin asleep on the bed to fend for herself? There was no convincing needed mind you, I was equally as scared and willing to burn the daylights out of those suckers. And if you remember correctly, there WAS an actual intruder breaking into the house! They just happened to own a set of keys and pay the mortgage....

Kelsey said...

hahaha These are great. I must say the library one is particularly special.