Saturday, October 6, 2012

About a Boy

I guess babies are sick 75% of the time... or maybe just mine. Probably just mine, since I'm not nearly as paranoid about germs as I ought to be. Oh well, I figure he's just strengthening his immune system like I did when I was a kid (sucking the dirt off rocks, etc). Now I rarely get sick!

On a happier note, we're reaching lots of milestone over here: crawling backwards, saying "mooomm" (I don't care if he doesn't know what it means), teeth breaking through. But probably the best one yet is putting his pacifier in his own mouth! Because it's really dangerous to be driving and trying to reach back to plug up the screaming baby at the same time. Go Clark!


amanda and clay said...

Are those rolls on those legs?? Oh man, what a cutie!

s.s. bazodi said...

I love him! I also love that he is wearing a onsie that says "monster" while making a cry face.

amy said...

he's reeeally cute! he and crew need to play. make sure you bring him when you come for thanksgiving.