Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Update

On Saturday morning I went garage sale-ing, as usual. I've decided I'm going to start sharing my finds each week because, well, I'm my mother's daughter and feel the need to tell everyone and their dog when I get a really great deal. I'm well on my way to become a hoarder.
This week, for $5.25 I got:

Cardigan and top for me, clothes for Clark, bread maker, groovy vase

Guys, that is a working bread maker with complimentary bread recipe book for $2! ("But Natalli, have you ever/do you even know how to make bread?" No, but.. $2!) Oh, and garage sale tip of the day: if you buy baby anything and look like you're 17--ok probably even looking 22--people feel really bad for you and give you a better price than they normally would.

Then of course I watched conference with my boys. All weekend long. It was wonderful as ever, and I'm sad it's over. On Sunday night we made a little fire in the backyard and grilled some chicken, veggies, and pineapple. Is there anything better than grilled pineapple (aside from anything that has chocolate as its main ingredient)?!
Now on to "another butt-head Monday", as my dear husband would say.

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