Thursday, October 11, 2012

6 Months

Clark at 6 months is:

- 18 lbs (50th %), 29.5 in (off the chart!)
-loving "solids". So far he'll eat anything we feed him (knock on wood), though some foods are received with a look of disgust at first.
-sitting up when he feels like it
-still smiling at anyone who gives him attention. He's especially fond of middle-aged women.
-loving any kind of string or cord he can get his mouth on. Yikes.
-starting to get a little clingy to Jacob and I
-making sounds that sound like real words: mama, dada, hi/hey,"mmmow" (for "more", and I swear there's some level of understanding behind it, because he says it when I take too long with the next bite of food. I'll pretend there is either way.)
 -a good "self soother". He holds his own hand or plays with his hair. It's precious.
-a tummy sleeper
-a big fan of his reflection. Can't blame him.

 I'm really loving this age. He is learning so much so fast and can entertain himself for quite a while without being mobile enough to get into too much trouble. Plus he loves me and thinks I'm hilarious.

I know nobody cares about the details of his schedule, but I think I'll want to know in the future, especially as I have more babies.
7:00 AM (on good days)-- wake up, 8oz bottle, solids
9:30ish-- nap
11:00-- 8 oz bottle, solids, some sort of outing (grocery store, playgroup, JoAnn's, etc)
1:30ish-- nap
3:00-- bottle, usually take a walk to the park
6:00-- dinner (pureed veggies and oatmeal/rice cereal)
7:00 bottle, bedtime!

Of course this is just the stuff that's more or less the same every day. We do (a little) more than eat and sleep all day.

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