Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd Anniversary Trip

This year for our anniversary trip, we decided to go to Vegas since we knew we'd be heading back to Utah around this time and it's right on the way!
Of course our first priority was to hit up the buffet. I've been trained since birth to be a lover of buffets, but unfortunately I'm not very good at them. I always get full too fast. At least Jacob definitely got his moneys worth.

Next we checked into our hotel room at Aria. It was soo nice! Everything in the room (lights, temp., curtains, etc) could be controlled from this little touch pad on the nightstand. No fighting about who has to get up and turn off the bathroom light!

That evening we went to Phantom of the Opera. I had never seen it for real, but I love the movie so I was really excited. It was AMAZING! We both had chills within the first 5 minutes and I loved every second of it. On the way back, we stopped to watch the fountains at Bellagio. I’m a sucker for all things choreographed, and it doesn’t get much better than giant  fountains choreographed to Andrea Bocelli. Never gets old.

The next day, we did some exploring and played some games. Of course we had to go to the dungeon of Excalibur to play “Bop the Witch” and do the horse races. Jacob wasn’t very good at either, but we’ll give him time. I, however, won the horse race—ok it was just the two of us—and scored us some nun-chucks! Once we’d had all the fun we could handle, we continued our trek to Utah (and maybe had to stop at some outlets on our way). SprintPhoto_buq4bh

Marriage can be hard work sometimes, but it sure is fun! This year has flown by, and let’s be honest, been a lot easier than the first year. If it get’s better every year, then I am one lucky kid!

Speaking of which… check out the really great gift he got me!
31UCgyOArZL._SL500_AA300_ I always thought I didn’t need a wedding band since my engagement ring is already big and fancy and wouldn’t really look good with one. Then I decided I could have one just to wear on it’s own when I didn’t feel like being so fancy. Love it!

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