Friday, July 15, 2011

so many girls in ties

Last night I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter for the 7th and final time (I wasn't allowed to see "Sorcerer's Stone" at midnight). I have grown up with these books and movies and have always looked forward to the next one coming out. I consoled myself after I finished the 7th book by being excited for the rest of the movies.  Never again! soo sad.

Anyhow, I threw a costume together the day of, as usual. I decided to be Luna Lovegood. So I made some radish earrings out of modeling clay...

And some spetrespecs with a free print-out I found.

I was trying to look crazy, she was trying to look smart, and we ended up looking the same.

It was only fitting to see the movie with Olivia, because we've seen almost every HP midnight showing together (and been delirious in school together the next day).

The movie was amazing! I was even tempted to stay for the 3 AM showing.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for giving me a magical childhood!


Brookelyn said...

so jealous, I'm seeing it tonight but I don't have a cool costume

ajwhet10 said...

Hahaha. You are amazing. GREAT costume. I haven't seen all the movies, but LOVED the books, so eventually will see them, just to relive the excitement of the books. (Plus, one of the benefits of getting older is forgetting enough that old stuff can seem new!!)