Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Campin it up

 Last weekend we went camping with Bethany and Blake and our friends Megan and Scott. The 6 of us crammed into Jacob's truck and drove up to.. somewhere near Payson (really we were just camping outside someone's cabin). Sadly, we weren't allowed to build a fire, but we still had lots of fun! The weather was beautiful compared to the 118 degrees we left in Gilbert.  We all slept in one big tent and I was less afraid of bears than normal (after I made everyone remove any food, deodorant, toothpaste from the tent).
 In the morning we went to the lake. Ok now just look at pictures and read captions.

Jacob likes to play with bugs. There were a lot of cool-looking ones.

Bethany and Blake. They like fake-sleeping.

Megan and Scott.

Jacob and I
can't beat waking up to these two giggling at four in the morning

Girls were left on shore

Boys went fishing

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Shums said...

we went camping recently and i didn't sleep a wink because i was convinced there were bears lurking. also, ya'll are crazy- a gilbert woman was just attacked up there by a bear! ripped her scalp clean off!