Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the holiday weekend

On Saturday,  we went to see the new X Men movie with Bethany and Blake. It wasn't a movie I was too excited about seeing, so I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it (corny lines and all). We ate at PeiWei after and then hung out at their apartment for a while.

After the usual Sunday church and naps, we went over to Steven and Adina's for dinner since ma and pa were out of town. Then Bethany wanted to play Sonic the Hedghog with me... until everyone got reallly annoyed at how awful we were at it. Guess it's not like riding a bike after all. Then Canya and I organized beads and watched the Australian series, "H2O: Just Add Water"--where does Netflix get this crap?

Monday! I was so happy that Jacob didn't have to work. We went out to lunch and swam for a hundred years. Then we went to my parents' for a BBQ for a few hours and back to Jacob's for the rest of his parents' BBQ. They had a family from the ward over, and we knew 2 of the 3 kids from nursery, so Jacob hopped right back in the pool. One of the kids dropped a scooter in the pool which gave Jacob the brilliant idea to start riding it around in there. Then, of course, fireworks from the back porch.

Maybe I should take a picture once in a while?

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