Thursday, September 24, 2015

Twins Are Two

Magnolia's observing/resting face is a scowl

but she's also very enthusiastic

My little tiny babies are TWO. I kept thinking they were my tiny babies until I brought a newborn home and realized they had grown up. These girls are a handful and very much two-year-olds but also a lot of fun. Watching them interact with each other and with Clark is the best. Sometimes it involves bite marks and handfuls of hair, but sometimes it's laughing and creative play and cute conversations.

As I've watched them develop into two completely different people, it's crazy to me that people still think they look the same/have a hard time telling them apart. My family (lovingly) refers to Magnolia as Mag"mole"ia because the little mole on her forehead is how they distinguish her from Wendy. Hope that one doesn't stick into her school years...

I tried to do birthday interviews with them, but Wendy would not cooperate, and Magnolia doesn't speak very clearly. At least it paints an accurate picture of them at this age. I'm pretty good at talking people into things, but not Wendy. When girl has her mind set on doing things a certain way--and she almost always does--there is no changing her mind. Magnolia is a bit more accommodating, but gets really upset about things like someone not holding her hand while we walk up/down the stairs or her blanket not having the flower side up when we put her to bed. They both love singing and think it's funny to put peoples' names into songs ("Twinkle, twinkle little MOM....nooooo!") There's a lot of other cute things I could write about them, but it would take way too long.

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