Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Magnolia and Wendy are somewhere between 18 months and 2. This is a pretty fun age except in sacrament meeting or anywhere else they need to sit still and be quiet. 

Loves her mama! We don't have major issues leaving her places but she's almost always sad to see me go 

Would probably play independently and be happy for hours if her siblings didn't get in her way

Eats anything and lots of it. 

A little more cautious than Wendy but not quite as much as Clark was at this age

Spits when she's angry

Has perfected her "duck lips" to let you know when she's not happy with you. 

Starting to speak in sentences (that are unintelligible to most)

Likes to fake cry and say "daaaaadddy" real dramatically and then "just kidding!" and fake laugh. 

Pretty fearless

Says "good job, Mom!" every time she sees me use the bathroom (there's no privacy in this house) 

Love sleeping in the nude! This would be fine if they were potty trained, but it's definitely not fine! I have to put them in onesies every nap and bedtime so they can't strip down.

Obsessed with babies and stuffed animals and dressing them.

Say "sis!" every time they see themselves in a mirror or a picture. Also get their own names mixed up still. 

Think it's really cool to wear Clark's clothes. 

Can throw a major tantrum. And I usually have no idea why 

Still won't watch tv or play iPad. Clark was a pro at both by this age. The one show they will watch for maybe 15 min is "Mother Goode Club" because it's all music and they love singing along. They will also watch some movies when we do movie nights (aka have a bucket of popcorn in their laps) 

Duck face in Clark's shirt

Tiny ponytail! 


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amanda and clay said...

Oh. My. Goodness. They absolutely kill me. I love everything about this post so much!