Friday, April 24, 2015


I think most moms when they're pregnant with their 2nd worry, "there's no way I could love this one as much as the 1st." Maybe it was worse knowing two would come at once and worrying that I might like one of them better too. But once they're all there, you just magically have 3x more love than you ever thought you could. 
And seeing them interact and love each other is just above and beyond! Yeah they still fight all the time. But when Clark is at preschool, the girls wander around looking for him. And when the girls are napping for a long time, he'll often request that  we "wake the ladies now." 

The other day I picked him up from preschool and they were at my SIL's. He got in his car seat and started crying. I asked what was wrong and he said "I want them back. Get them back in my car."
"Get what?"
"My ladies!" 
He's always looking out for them and making sure I give them everything I give him. And pretty much everything he says when he's talking nicely to them. It just melts my heart. 

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