Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fun Weekend

Last Friday I took Clark and Crew to their field trip at "the ice cream factory" (the kitchen of a small ice cream shop). I thought it was pretty awkward because there were all these other parents there I didn't know, but the boys sure had fun. And we got a scoop of icecream. 

Also Clark met a child named THOMAS and it blew his mind. 

That night I had a RS "girls' night in" activity that was pretty fun because there were a lot of baked goods..oh and cool people. 

On Saturday we went to the zoo with some of my family because the weather was pretty nice. My kids were not quite as excited about it as I wanted them to be. Well I guess Clark was but the girls were kept strapped in a stroller most of the time, so maybe that's why. They all loved petting the poor, abused goats though

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amanda and clay said...

Their little hands in those goat brushes is adorable!! And those things are genius... I bet the goats get pinched/grabbed a ton less with those.