Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diary of a Zombie Mom (how is that not an ABC Family series yet?)

I'd like to publicly declare to this week from you-know-where, (ok Hell, that's where): I forfeit. You win. 3 sick kids is even worse than one sick kid. Go figure. I feel really sad for them, and they take turns waking me up at night--just to make sure I don't get more than 2 solid hours or anything crazy like that. But at 3 am, getting soaked in vomit by one baby while the other screams in her crib I figured "hey at least it can't get worse." I am tired and feel totally our of control, so I'm just surviving and hoping I can catch my breath over the weekend. And that next week isn't such a you-know-what.

Looks like this, feels like this


Annie said...

You go girl! So sorry your week was hellish. Wishing you THREE straight hours tonight! Just kidding. Hope you gets lots more than that plus a nap tomorrow! I hate being so tired it hurts

David, Melissa, and kids said...

:) it gets nicer when they get older and can clean up their own throw up and even help clean up the younger ones messes.