Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What we look like right now

A sweet lady in our ward offered to take Magnolia and Wendy's newborn pictures for free, but I had already set something up with another girl who offered to do them (again, free. Twins are the best!) though I have yet to see those pictures. Anyway since the newborn thing didn't work out, she was kind enough to take our family Christmas photos instead. Not only did she manage to get some where not one of the 3 kids is crying and Jacob and I look (mostly) normal, we were done in 30 minutes and she had them edited and back to me the next day. What a champ! 
And a special thanks to fruit snacks for keeping Clark in one spot for more than 12 seconds. And to my dad for making my necklace. 
And pin a rose on my nose for making my skirt, Wendy's skirt, and Maggie's headband. And the beautiful children. 

He kept wanting to lie down with the babies, because he remembered that we made him do that last time we took pictures.

And this is what we really look like. Sweatshirts and sleep sacks for days. It's a lot of work to get four people ready.


amanda and clay said...

Sleepsacks are awesome ! Forget masculinity, Leo eats them up. Also, I'm totally dying missing you guys! Your family is freaking adorable!!! That picture of Clark hugging you is just about the most precious thing ever... And that face Wendy (Magnolia?) is making is the best.

amanda and clay said...

And lastly, you're too freaking gorgeous! No wonder your kids are so dang cute.

alyssa said...

This is Alyssa Paul from the twin group:) we're LDS also, that's so fun to have someone else in the group that is! These pictures are adorable and you have the cutest family! Your birth story is unreal, it's amazing. Also, you look incredible and I'm a little jealous;)