Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Really Ugly Christmas Tree and Other Tidbits

One time I bought an 8 ft. Christmas tree at a garage sale for $5. They kindly let me know it was missing a stand. Hey, I can buy a stand. NBD, $5 is a steal. Oh wait, you forgot to mention it's also missing the TOP THIRD of the tree. So we put our tree together, and found that it was only 2/3 of a tree and looked more like a large bush. Then Jacob had the genius idea of putting our little 3 ft. tree on top. So it kinda changes shape, color, and texture there, but we covered it in so much crap you can hardly tell. 

Why don't people use tinsel anymore? Because it looks like junk? Well it's really cool in the dark, and Clark had a hay day (sp?) with it!

Some of the many ornaments that add to the classiness:

hand-painted by Clark

I have way too many ornaments with my picture on them.

Clark's been good about not touching the tree (with a lot of threats from us), so I made him this pretty ghetto one out of green tape and card stock shapes. That thing's provided a lot of entertainment. Plus every time we're walking down the stairs he says, "There you are, tree! Thank you Mama!" which melts my heart a little.

I also started the Twelve Days of Christmas for Jacob. After 5 years of considering it, and stealing some ideas from a friend I was finally on-the-ball enough to actually have it all ready by the 14th. It takes a lot of planning, but I've loved watching him open something every day. And each time, he runs over to me after and says "I love it! I love it! I love it!" really fast like a little boy and hugs me. So, totally worth it.

 If Jacob used Instagram, he'd put a cool filter on these and be like "My wife is the coolest! #iloveit"

(On the third day, I gave him a framed picture of his three cute kids, but he must have forgotten to take a picture)

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