Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Happy Thanksgiving Back"

On Wednesday Amy had the girls over to bake pies. She even made us all these cute little aprons.

Annie volunteered to be my little helper. I told her I was going to take her picture and she said "Wait! Does this look like a good face?" Ya, totally.

I decided last minute to go join a little local Turkey Trot on Thursday. Trot I did. Run I did not. I jogged for a few minutes before feeling like I would pass out and speed walked the rest of the way. Let's pretend it's because I just had babies and not because I'm almost always out of shape.

My cute trotting pals. Forgot to get a picture of Clark up front. Oops. Get used to it, kid.

Jacob played some football and then caught up to us on the way home. I started working on the rolls I volunteered to bring to Thanksgiving dinner and got done with one small batch when my bread machine broke. Ughh what a mess. Luckily there were plenty of my mom's delicious rolls to go around and the rest of Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic as well.

Every year after I go Black Friday shopping, I say that I am never going again. And then the next year, something pulls me back in. I really can't stand the thought of missing a great deal. This year I went to Old Navy with my sister on Thursday night to get 50% off everything. I got some great deals on kid stuff, but the line was OUTRAGEOUS! And I was one of the lucky ones that only had to wait an hour. I won't even say I'm never going again.

On Friday we gave Clark some ornaments to paint while we set up for Christmas. Now he asks me every day if he can paint.

We finished off our long weekend by going to my mom's for warm cinnamon rolls and then temple lights. Clark's been obsessed with "pentles" (temples) ever since I pointed out the Gilbert one to him while driving. We could only get him to look away by waving a chip in front of his face.

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